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A New Website For Clean Air Film Makers

I recently visited a brand new website for film makers entitled, Imagine Clean Air. If you are a film maker or have interest in clean air, Salt Lake City and film making, give it a look. Remember, it is brand … Continue reading

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Rapid Spike in Global CO2 Levels Shocks Researchers – Spiegel International Reports

This story originally published by Spiegel Online International,1518,795978,00.html#ref=nlint 11/04/2011 06:17 PM Rapid Spike in CO2 Emissions Shocks Researchers By Gerald Traufetter and Christian Schw√§gerl International attempts at climate regulation have failed on a number of levels. With CO2 emissions … Continue reading

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From Beijing to Salt Lake City With Love: The Politics of Dirty Air

In a recent New York Times news story entitled, “The Privileges of China’s Elite Include Purified Air,” air quality has become so dangerous and unhealthy, that government officials are being supplied with air purifying systems in their offices as well … Continue reading

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