The 2012 Olympics: No More Racist Remarks With Impunity

The headline reads:”Voula Papachristou ‘bitter and upset’ over Olympic ban”

Now isn’t that just a low-down dirty shame. But it’s an even bigger shame when we let racists go about their business pretending that the 60s and 70s never happened. Well, they did happen, at least here in the United States. Papachristou’s remarks demonstrate just what an uphill battle it has been to try and build a world culture of equality and respect Dr. King inspired all of us to create.

Those, who in public places make racist jokes or remarks, still believe they can do so with impunity.

As reported in today’s USA TODAY, they can’t. And as soon as they get it that they can’t, Dr. King’s dream may indeed some day come true.
Voula Papachristou ‘bitter and upset’ over Olympic ban

Voula Papachristou says she is “bitter and upset” about being banned from the Olympics for her racist tweet.
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