Romney’s Convention Speech: The Etch-A-Sketch Kabuki Theater Moment of the Republican Convention

The Real Romney

Last night the RNC created and unveiled a new political character called “Mitt Romney the Good Guy,” and had him cry about mommy and daddy on live TV in order to both suck in those who will respond to such theater, along with an attempt to cover the mountain of lies that have been told by him, Paul Ryan, and the Romney For President Campaign.

So last evening we found out that Romney is human with human emotions after all. Right? Not a chance. But what we did find out is that he is a better actor than Clint Eastwood. We discovered that Romney can cry on demand to make a point. Members of the convention audience were taken in by the emotion of the moment. Countless people were sobbing right along with his fabricated emotional speech. I was not.

In fact, I was sickened by Romney’s insistence on restating lies he and others have told about President Obama’s term in office. The complete list of lies is too long to rehearse here. But highlighting just a couple of his lies should be instructive in understanding how important lying has become for both Romney and Ryan.

President Obama never did say that people didn’t create their own businesses. In fact, if Republicans who can read, would take the time to Google what President Obama actually said, they would find that his actual quote is quite different than the lie Romney told about what he said. But this political campaign is not about truth. It has become a Republican exercise in creating lies for political gain. And this lying begins with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

President Obama never did talk about taking the work requirement out of welfare legislation. Quite the opposite. The work requirement that was put into welfare legislation by President Clinton, is fully supported by President Obama’s welfare plans. Romney, who has become a moral hologram of an honest man continues to lie to the American electorate because he (along with his wife) simply can’t help himself. Stretching the truth about investments and telling outright lies to investors is Wall Street’s standard MO.

In spite of all the lies told by Romney last night, the most shocking and irresponsible part of his speech came when he made fun of President’ Obama’s attempt to slow down global warming and thus keep the oceans from rising. Quoting his actual words:

 President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the
And to heal the planet.  My promises to help you and your

An entire hall laughing about an attempt to heal the planet? Who are these people, and who is this empty suit of a religious fundamentalist, science denial presidential candidate, who stood there and threw red meat of climate change denial to the audience? It was indeed shocking to see how voraciously they ate it up. They mindlessly ate it up like adolescents with free food at the local fast food joint. His like-minded, scientific fact denying Republicans, were sent into a laughing fit. And why were they laughing? Because they know that the Republican Party, and especially Romney himself, have no plans to help curtail global warming and address the human caused elements of climate change.

All he could do last evening, was to demonstrate his and his party’s irresponsible stewardship for the planet. Their plan is to pump and mine the planet dry of all fossil fuels for profit, no matter how expensive and dangerous to the environment it will be to extract and burn them. Republicans plan to put as much carbon into the environment as possible. They are in essence the people of Jared Diamond’s COLLAPSE, who cut down all the trees on Easter Island, which ultimately led to their own demise.

Romney, in the role of a newly minted actor, stood there and cried about about his family and the future of his children and grandchildren, while in his speech, sowed the seeds of their ultimate destruction. His obtuse refusal to believe in the human component of the science of climate change, will lead to this planet’s ultimate destruction. If he and his ilk have their way, there won’t be a future planet on which the children he sheds tears about, can prosper.

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