Yet Another Global Warming Denier Elected to Congress From Utah

Fossil Fuel Emissions Contribute to Global Warming

Fossil Fuel Emissions Contribute to Global Warming

The following was written in response to an article written by Representative Chris Stewart (R-Utah) about climate change.

By his own words, we know that in Chris Stewart, Utah has sent yet another uninformed and undereducated political adolescent to Washington.

Representative Stewart,

Either you are uninformed, misinformed, undereducated, politically motivated, flat out lying in the face of actual scientific evidence, or just plain stupid. My freshmen students know more about these things than you do. This is no excuse for such gratuitous and potentially damaging misinformation from your own hand.

The science behind anthropogenic (that means human-caused, Mr. Stewart) climate change and global warming IS settled, and HAS BEEN settled for a long time now. The science is clear: global warming is happening faster than ever and humans ARE responsible. Global warming is caused by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. The danger level of 350 parts per million has been exceeded, and we are headed beyond 400 PPM. On this, responsible scientists agree.

That you’ve succeeded in being sent to Congress by a very conservative Utah district in no way excuses such flagrant, staggering and offensive ignorance about our planet’s environment. Your piece is nothing more than a poorly written echo of the Koch Brothers’ reckless corporate campaign against caring for our planet.

And calling those of us who advance caring for the planet radical environmentalists, will only strengthen our resolve to counter the likes of you.

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