Erin On The Great Wall of China

I’m an architect registered in California and Utah with over 35 years of practice, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah, where I teach introduction to architecture and urban planning classes. I’m also a guest lecturer in the university’s environmental studies program where I give an annual lecture to all freshmen students entering into the environmental studies program showing links between the built environment and environmental studies.

We no longer live isolated lives on this planet with the luxury of caring about what happens ONLY in our own country. Therefore, travel has become an important part of my teaching and writing, having recently spent two months in Europe and one month in China. While Europe will always be, well, Europe, my trip to China, in light of their recent rapid growth, was life-changing for me.

I’m happy to welcome you to a blog on current issues about sustainability within topics such as architecture, urban planning, politics, the environment, climate change, peak oil and so on. At first this will proceed in small steps as I set the tone and general content of this blog. But I hope it will grow quickly as I invite guest bloggers to share sustainability topics close to their professional and personal worlds.

Comments will be welcomed, but personal responses from me will be limited.

Let’s move forward.

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